Terrilee Fitz

Realtypath Associate Broker

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Terrilee Fitz
7985 S 700 East, Utah 84092
(801) 867-2829
Cell: (801) 867-2829


How to Analyze your Property 

Click on "APOD Calculations"

 (Go to the bottom of the APOD page and select the tab.)


Cash Flows



For 15 different types of calculators, go to my residential site


What does it mean? IRR (Internal Rate of Return)?

Internal Rate of Return Calculator

The internal rate of return (IRR) method of analyzing a major purchase or project allows you to consider the time value of money. Essentially, it allows you to find the interest rate that is equivalent to the dollar returns you expect from your project. Once you know the rate, you can compare it to the rates you could earn by investing your money in other projects or investments, and determine the best value for your money. For the calculator, enter the initial cost of the project in initial investment block as a negative value, and then enter the estimated yearly cost to operate and maintain, and replace the project equipment in each year block for the new expected life cycle of the equipment. Remember to enter payments at the time when the payments are made. Click on the Calculate IRR button to get your project's IRR, and clear if you want to calculate a new IRR..






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